The Taliban in an interview with RT said that they would be willing to fight the Zionist forces that invaded their country for another 100 years if necessary.


Talks with the Taliban to put an end to the longest of America’s forever wars were killed off by the US last week. The Afghan militant movement is prepared to fight a hundred more years, its chief negotiator told RT.

The peace negotiations between the US and the Taliban were called off by President Donald Trump days ahead of a planned signing of a formal agreement. The draft has even been initialed by both parties and Qatar, which mediated in the talks, Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai, who headed the Taliban’s delegation, told RT. As far as the Taliban is concerned, the US decision can be easily reversed and the agreement put into force as agreed, he said.

“We are still committed to the negotiations. Our stance is that there is no solution to the conflict except negotiations and except peace on the table. We hope that Mr. Trump rethinks his announcement and comes back to where we were,” the official said.

Trump cited an attack by the Taliban, which killed a US soldier stationed in Afghanistan, as the reason for the surprise cancellation of the talks. The militants say their attacks were well justified by attacks against them by the US and the Afghan security forces. They see the Americans as a foreign occupying force and themselves as freedom fighters and protectors of the Afghan civilians, who are injured and killed when the US attacks the Taliban, which regularly conducts terrorist attacks.

“The war was imposed on us. It is American soldiers who are in Afghanistan. It’s not our mujahedeen in Washington,” he said. He added that Trump’s justification for stopping talks clashed with statements by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who appeared on TV the following day and said the US killed “over 1,000 Taliban” over ten prior days, as negotiations were under way.

“Mr. Pompeo admitted that they have killed a thousand Taliban,” Stanikzai pointed out. “If they can kill a thousand of us, why can we not kill one or two of them? This is our right. We have to defend ourselves and defend our people.”

I fully believe that they are willing to wage war for another 100 years.

And why the fuck wouldn’t they? They’ve successfully defended their country from the Zionist invaders for almost 20 years, so what’s another 100 years?

What’s sad is that the Taliban are literally a more credible group of people than the deranged individuals we have inside the United States government.

I just wish Donald Trump would end this stupid ass war. The fact that he recently cancelled secret peace talks with them because of some random terrorist attack somewhere was ridiculous.

We’re dealing with people who don’t care if they die and don’t care if they do war for another 100 years. It’s time to strike a deal with them and leave. Maybe there’s a better chance of this happening now that Trump has finally got rid of that lunatic neocon John Bolton, but who the fuck knows really.