Some dude is planning on doing a “Straight Pride Parade” in Boston. The event is scheduled for August 31st.

For some reason all sorts of people on Twitter are angry at this. Just look at what some of these faggots are rambling on about.

Even the irrelevant and shitty band from the 1990s Smash Mouth chimed in with some intelligent commentary.

There’s all sorts of hateful comments coming from retards with blue checks next to their Twitter handle. Telling people who are proud of their heterosexual orientation that they should march into the Atlantic Ocean is particularly mean spirited.

I’d like to know why a bunch of people holding a march celebrating their heterosexual nature is such a bad thing? It’s certainly far more positive than watching a bunch of faggots walking down the street bragging about how wonderful men fucking other men in the ass is. Because any man who wants to fuck another man in the ass is mentally ill and mental illness is not something to celebrate.

And these people claim to promote tolerance and inclusiveness? What a bunch of hypocritical assholes. They should have no problem with such a parade if they really believed in tolerance. I honestly hope that all these people get cancer and die because unlike them I am not a hypocrite. I am not a tolerant person but at least I don’t pretend to be a tolerant person. I am honestly open with my intolerance.