The Jews have been whining about an anti-Jew meme that was posted on Ron Paul’s Twitter account a short time ago. They’ve been whining so much that it has turned into a bit of a news story.

I’d really like to thank the kike Ken Klippenstein and a myriad of other Jews for resharing the meme. These Jews think they’re exposing Paul as an anti-Semite but in reality they’re only helping spread the truth about the Jewish role in Cultural Marxism. If they were smart they would have just ignored the post.

I mean, when you look at the meme, it is 100 percent accurate. Cultural Marxism is a Jewish program that absolutely props up racial minorities against White people. There is no denying this.

Paul deleted the tweet blaming a staffer for inadvertently posting the anti-Semitic meme lol.

Sure maybe it was a mistake but maybe it wasn’t. Who the hell knows. He basically has to make a statement like this or he risks getting banned by the Twitter thought police.

All that aside, the one thing that is certain is that Paul’s political philosophy has always been opposed to international-Jewry. He believes in the Constitution as framed by the founders, opposes the Jew-run Federal Reserve and opposes Jew-globalist agendas. He just hasn’t come out and said that he hates kikes or whatever.

Myself and many others supported his 2008 presidential campaign because he was against all these things. He basically opposed Jew agendas without naming the Jew. In fact, I would argue that his presidential campaigns in 2008 and 2012 were a bit of a preview for what we saw happen with Donald Trump in 2016.

So this anti-Jew post from Paul is very interesting. Even if Paul didn’t intentionally post it, one of his staffers did so at minimum he has Jew-wise people working for him. But regardless of the particulars, it has certainly made the kikes go crazy and that’s all that matters.