The story about that White man who bought his daughter’s nigger boyfriend a car has gone mainstream. It has gone mainstream because they were flooded with hate after posting a video about it on social media.

The hate was so bad that they had to disable the comments on the YouTube video!

Daily Mail:

A loved-up teenage couple who found internet fame after sharing a video of her family gifting him a car for Christmas have been hit with vile, racist abuse.

Madison Duke and Chris Hunter found internet fame on Twitter this week after she posted a video of him being given the car by her parents in Dallas, Texas.

It has been viewed more than 1.4million times since it was uploaded on Saturday.

But among comments of praise for the high schoolers are abhorrent messages of hate.

The shocked teenagers shared details of those comments with their new followers on Tuesday.

The pair vowed not to let it sink the good mood they have put in since the video took off.

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This is a good sign as there is now a social consequence for White females bragging about fucking niggers on social media. Pretty soon this will extend to real life and pretty soon White females who fuck niggers will face a highly undesirable fate. This is where everything is going.


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