So the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that it was OK for digital voting records to be immediately destroyed after the Senate race. A move specifically designed to impede a recount. Why would they do such a thing? The only answer was to conceal vote fraud. There is no other explanation.

A lower court ruled that the records needed to be maintained but the Alabama Supreme Court issued an emergency ruling to approve deleting the records. This completely goes against common sense.

We are also being told that a larger Black vote came out for this random special election than came out to vote for Barack Obama. Does that make sense to anybody?

This whole election reeks of fraud. The sex abuse allegations were used as cover. Yet despite that we see the entire Republican establishment demanding that Roy Moore exit gracefully. Take top cuckold Mike Huckabee for example.

You also have that faggot kike Matt Drudge refusing to even cover the Alabama Supreme Court ruling. He’s too busy gloating about how Moore lost and bashing Steve Bannon.

This faggot kike Matt Drudge has probably sucked six million dicks.

The ruling isn’t even getting any top coverage on Breitbart when it is literally the story of the election.

This all occurred in conjunction with Fox News coming out with a ridiculous poll showing Doug Jones ahead by 10 points in the days prior to the vote. This poll was clearly designed for propaganda purposes to support Jones and to demoralize Republican voters.

Moore is even being told that he won’t be able to get a recount. And why is that? Aren’t we concerned about democracy and stuff? I thought democracy was sacred? The position these people are taking is a joke.

We do have this interesting post from /pol/ though. It predicted a Doug Jones win via vote fraud but that the vote fraud was being allowed to happen so it could be documented. From there the investigation would reveal the Democrat vote fraud apparatus.

Obviously we have to be skeptical, but I certainly hope that this anon poster on /pol/ is right. There needs to be a recount and there needs to be an investigation into all this.