Twitter’s censorship agenda has been blown wide open in these latest Project Veritas videos. The government seriously needs to regulate these assholes.

Project Veritas has released a couple of new videos containing undercover footage that they recorded from Twitter employees. James O’Keefe has a great formula for obtaining information. He gets a moderately attractive female to chat up these corporate stooges and they spill the goods.

The footage pretty much confirms everything we already know about Twitter.

The first video features a Network Security Engineer detailing how Twitter is ready to give Donald Trump’s private information over to the Department of Justice.

The second video exposes how Twitter censors users and primarily censors users who have any sort of right leaning viewpoint. What’s interesting is that the Twitter employees featured in this clip are pretty much all niggers and mud people. It’s no wonder why the company is so fucked!

I think the clips speak for themselves.

Twitter either needs to be regulated by the government or gassed into oblivion. These assholes have no business deciding who can and cannot be allowed to participate in the public square.

These niggers banned my Twitter account several years ago after I was on the platform for three weeks! Not cool! I have a right to speak my mind to the public!