A group of Donald Trump supporters in the UK stormed a meeting where the terrorist Sadiq Khan was speaking about gender equality. Khan has been regularly bashing Trump because he’s a Moslem terrorist who hates White people. The men rightfully demanded the arrest of this evil and hate filled person.


Pro-Trump protesters stormed a speech being made by Sadiq Khan, shouting pro-Brexit slogans and calling for the London Mayor’s arrest. The disruption led to the temporary suspension of the speech.

Khan had just begun his address at a conference for the Fabian Society, a socialist group, in London when demonstrators in the audience started calling for his arrest. Some of the group held US flags and anti-EU banners as their supporters clapped and heckled the Labour mayor.

The demonstration follows US President Donald Trump’s cancellation of a planned visit to the UK capital next month. Khan, a vocal critic of the the US president, responded to news of the cancellation by saying Trump “had got the message” that Londoners were opposed to his policies.

Video footage of the incident shows the chairperson for the conference asking the demonstrators to go outside and talk to the press. The protesters were later escorted from the venue by police.

Khan resumed his speech on equality about 20 minutes after the disruption started.

The fact that London is run by this smug little mud monkey fuck makes me sick. In fact, London itself is a shithole. Not because of the city itself, but because of the fact that it has been overrun with all sorts of third world vermin. Khan is a symbol of what’s become of London. It’s a disgrace.

Good on these patriotic British men for standing up to this madness. This highlights how the resistance is growing.

Unfortunately, the racial demographics in London aren’t looking so good. If this trend continues, the city might have to be liberated via military force. That’s no hyperbole either. Anybody who has visited knows what I’m talking about.

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