Twitter has banned Congressional candidate Paul Nehlen because of a joke image he posted showing Prince Harry and Cheddar Man superimposed over the face of his mixed race finance.


A US politician has sparked outrage after super-imposing an image of the Cheddar Man over the top of Prince Harry’s fiance Meghan Markle .

Paul Nehlen is running hoping to enter Congress for the Republican Party, and tweeted the ‘racist’ image on his Twitter feed.

He wrote: “Honey, does this tie make my face look pale?” alongside the picture of Prince Harry alongside Meghan, whose face was removed.

The image, which Mirror Online has chosen not to show, appears to have encouraged racist tweets by other users who superimposed apes onto Meghan, who is mixed race.

It was revealed this week how the Cheddar Man – Britain’s oldest complete skeleton, dating back 9,000 years – would actually have had black skin.

Here’s the post.

This was just an excuse to ban Nehlen. The real reason he was banned was because he was exposing the chicanery of the Jewish race to his over 80,000+ Twitter followers. Twitter has been working closely with the Jew-run Anti-Defamation League to remove “hate speech” from the platform. Naturally, “hate speech” includes people exposing bad things that Jews have been doing.

Twitter is nothing but a safe space for Jews, Marxists and social justice warrior types. I’m honestly surprised Nehlen wasn’t completely banned earlier. Apparently they didn’t want to drop the ban hammer on a Congressional candidate so quickly. Now that they’ve done this, it raises even more questions about this horrible website.

A private company like Twitter with a huge workforce of foreigners should not have the power to shut down free speech like this. It is the equivalent of the phone company in the 1960s refusing to provide you with phone service because they dislike your political views. It’s an utterly insane situation.