The President unveiled a plan to spend $1.5 trillion for infrastructure projects around the United States. This type of plan is long overdue. The nation’s infrastructure is in horrible shape. There are many places around the country that are third world tier.

If you don’t believe me, check out the airports in Los Angeles, Salt Lake City and in New York City. They’re terribly dated. There are also many other cities throughout the country that have equally horrible airports. When you compare them to a place like Singapore or other Asian cities, it becomes clear how bad our infrastructure really is.

Obviously we wouldn’t have had this issue if we didn’t spent trillions on Zionist wars over the past few decades. If the trillions that were spent on those retarded wars were spent at home, our infrastructure would be in far better shape. This is something Trump posted on Twitter.

Here are some details on the plan. It covers lots of ground but focuses in on developing rural areas, building bridges, improving roads etc..

Washington Examiner:

White House officials unveiled President Trump’s long-awaited infrastructure plan on Monday as the administration prepares to lay out its priorities for a 2019 budget.

Trump’s plan, according to administration officials, would seek to facilitate more than $1.5 trillion in investments for projects such as road and bridge construction, waterway improvements and rural development by spending $200 billion in taxpayer money to jump-start the work.

“To help build a better future for all Americans, I ask the Congress to act soon on an infrastructure bill that will: stimulate at least $1.5 trillion in new investment over the next 10 years, shorten the process for approving projects to two years or less, address unmet rural infrastructure needs, empower state and local authorities, and train the American workforce of the future,” the White House noted in the 55-page legislative framework released on Monday.

Earlier Monday, Trump framed his forthcoming infrastructure plan as an alternative to “stupidly” spending billions on military conflicts in the Middle East.

Some will cry about budget deficits and debt, but the country needs to be rebuilt. We would have never been in this position if we weren’t bombing brown people for Jews and their Zionist occupation of Palestine.