It doesn’t matter if the Democrat Party won back the House of Representatives by a slim margin. They’re a party divided between old line Democrat establishment types and full blown Communist radicals.

The fact that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez chose to join a climate protest in Nancy Pelosi’s office is visible proof of this divide.

The only thing the Democrat Party will be successful in doing over the next couple of years is showing how idiotic their entire platform is. The moderate Democrats that flipped Republican seats will be associated with these Communist retards. It basically means that they stand a good chance of losing their seats in 2020.

It’s just funny that Nancy Pelosi is now considered a moderate even though she was widely considered to be a far left San Francisco libshit throughout her political career. That’s how crazy the Democrat Party has become and this Ocasio-Cortez individual is a figurehead for the insanity.

But I’m all for the Democrat Party becoming as insane as possible. The more insane the better. It will only hasten the speed of which the Republican Party becomes a full blown White nationalist political force.