In case you weren’t aware, the criminal Kenyan Barack Obama who subverted the United States of America for eight long years, is on the campaign trail stumping for Democrat political candidates. This ridiculous homosexual monkey has abandoned the tradition of criticizing his presidential successor. Many of his stump speeches are him babbling about how Donald Trump’s policies are bad for America.

This short clip of Obama from one of his recent speeches reveals that he is just rambling incoherently.

He clearly looks uncomfortable doing these public appearances. Trump in under two years has exposed him as the incompetent low IQ fool that most of us knew he was over a decade ago. Trump has rendered him irrelevant.

Obama can’t even draw a real crowd. He’s only able to draw a handful of coloreds and stupid White women that barely fill up a high school gymnasium.

Compare that to the crowds that Trump is drawing at his rallies. The Texas rally a few weeks ago was particularly large. Over 100 thousand people sent RSVP requests to attend and people camped out a day before to get in line to see him speak.

And all we hear about in the Jewish fake news media is this talk about a blue wave? It would seem as if this is being vastly overstated. If there was real enthusiasm, Obama would be drawing much larger crowds.

Of course, we can’t be complacent. Make sure you, your friends and family all vote a straight Republican ticket on Tuesday.