Here’s another update on the Central American caravan invasion. Apparently Mexico’s government offered bus services to transport the caravan invaders to Mexico City or a destination of their choosing. The offer has apparently been rescinded, but it begs a larger question. Why can’t Mexico can’t just arrest these invaders? They illegally invaded Mexico did they not?

The Mexican government is just allowing these invaders to march north leaving the United States to deal with them. And the fact that they even offered to give them bus services is completely nuts.

None of these invaders should be allowed in. The border should be completely sealed if need be. Let Mexico deal with the economic consequences of a border closure.

The Jewish propaganda machine is trying to frame Donald Trump’s order to deploy troops to the border as a political stunt. They’re also trying to claim that the military can’t enforce security on the border because of the Posse Comitatus Act which forbids the military from doing domestic police work. But this isn’t domestic police work, this is about stopping an invasion.

VICE News put out a video echoing these sentiments featuring a couple of Hebrew looking individuals with the last name Hersh and Isacson.

Meanwhile the Jews in Israel are shooting and gassing Palestinian protesters in the Gaza Strip.

If the chosen people of God are permitted to shoot and gas people, than surely the United States of America can shoot and gas invaders to protect the territorial integrity of the country.