Newsweek published a very funny article by our good buddy Michael Edison Hayden claiming that the Jewish connection to the marijuana industry is a Neo-Nazi conspiracy theory.

This is some of the lowest tier journalism imaginable. A simple Google search reveals numerous articles where Jews brag about normalizing marijuana. It proves conclusively that it is not a Nazi conspiracy theory. It is a basic fact that Jews have pushed normalizing marijuana use in America.

Here’s one from the Jewish news of Northern California.

The Jewish Daily Forward even described how marijuana is part of Jewish life dating back to ancient times.

And of course George Soros the billionaire Jew has been a big advocate of legal marijuana.

Newsweek is a joke. It’s nothing but a click bait site exploiting a brand name from the old guard media. They’re not even trying to be honest.

Who the hell can take them seriously when they publish shit that is debunked by a two second search on Google?

Many of us who are now involved in the Alt-Right sphere of media never dreamed of becoming journalists, bloggers, podcasters etc.. We’ve been forced to do this out of necessity because the people who should be reporting facts are not doing their job. They lie to push all sorts of deceptive agendas. This is just another example.