The massacre in Gaza by the Jews earlier this week has helped further unite the Moslem world against Israel. At a summit in Istanbul attended by Moslem leaders, they talked about the creation of a peacekeeping force to protect the Palestinians.


A summit in Istanbul of Muslim heads of state on Friday called for the creation of an international peacekeeping force to protect the Palestinians, as host Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused Israel of “brutality” comparable to the Nazis.

The 57-member Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) — seeking to bridge severe differences within the Muslim world — said in a final communique that Israel had carried out the “wilful murder” of some 60 Palestinians on the Gaza border Monday.

It called “for the international protection of the Palestinian population, including through dispatching of international protection force”.

Erdogan said the sending of such an “international peacekeeping force” was essential to help the Palestinians and stop the international community being a “spectator to massacres”.

He compared such a force to the UN forces sent to deal with the aftermath of the Balkan wars in Bosnia and Kosovo.

The Nazi comparison by Erdogan is ridiculous, but at least he is considering taking a serious stand on this. Let’s hope the Moslem world can come together and deal with Israel once and for all. While I’m skeptical, there is now a much better chance that this could happen. None of them are happy with the Jerusalem embassy declaration and the situation in Gaza has only increased their hatred towards the Jews.

Turkey even expelled the Israeli ambassador and did so in a humiliating fashion by giving him a TSA styled pat down.

Most of the problems that exist in the Moslem world exist because of the Jews. They have agitated sectarian divides to ensure that a strong united Moslem army is unable to rise up against them.

But yes, a peacekeeping force is a good first step. An even better step would be millions of armed Moslems mobilizing to liberate Palestine from these filthy Jew invaders. That would be truly glorious.