I remember first seeing Mitt Romney on television back in the 1990s when he ran for Massachusetts governor. I immediately thought that he was a fake cock sucking douche. 25 years later, my opinion of him has not changed. He’s in the news again after going crazy about the Mueller report.

There’s lots of legitimate reasons to be mad at Donald Trump. The Mueller report is not one of them. It concluded that Trump did nothing wrong and that all of this Russian collusion nonsense was an enormous hoax. Yet despite that, he is using some of the contents in the Mueller report to attack Trump for reasons that nobody can explain.

Even the Christian Zionist Mike Huckabee who regularly sucks the cock of Jews couldn’t deal with Mitt’s bullshit.

Romney’s attack is absolutely disingenuous. He is propping himself up as a man of morale integrity even though he engaged in highly disreputable business practices to gain a large chunk of his wealth.

He was the co-founder of Bain Capital a firm that bought up companies, sucked them dry and left the workers without jobs and pensions. Matt Taibbi wrote a whole piece about his corrupt business activities for Rolling Stone back in 2012.

The firm is still around and was recently criticized because they purposefully plunged the once iconic toy store chain Toys R Us into bankruptcy. The entire affair was overseen by a couple of Bain Capital Jews.

NY Post:

Bain Capital has a knack for throwing big toy retailers into bankruptcy.

The buyout firm founded by Mitt Romney — which got slammed this week by the Chapter 11 filing of Toys ‘R’ Us — also saw its reputation dinged a dozen years earlier with the shuttering of KB Toys, which at the time had been the nation’s second-biggest retailer.

In both instances, critics say Bain and its private-equity partners left the chains vulnerable by saddling them with heavy debt loads as they took them private, crippling their capacity to compete in brutal price wars that have dogged the industry.

In the case of mall-based KB Toys, Bain execs blew off competitive threats from big discounters like Walmart and Target in the niche. Toys ‘R’ Us, meanwhile, has faced additional pressures from Amazon, as well as kids’ increasing fascination with playing games on phones and tablet devices instead of physical toys.

“The owners look as though they decided to bleed Toys ‘R’ Us instead of keeping them relevant,” Brian Devine, who was a top executive at Toys ‘R’ Us in the 1980s, told The Post.

Bain Capital — whose co-chairman Josh Bekenstein and senior adviser Matthew Levin sat on the boards of both KB Toys and Toys ‘R’ Us — declined to comment.

It’s just comical that this clown who for years profited off of parasitical boomer-tier capitalist practices has the nerve to act this way.

The Russia hoax is dead and he just wants to take over John McCain’s role of being the Republican that CNN and MSNBC interviews to bolster their attacks on Trump. That’s why he is feeding into their narrative. It’s utterly retarded and reeks of personal jealousy. He’s just butt hurt that Trump called him out for his failures to win the presidency in 2012.

The man is just an evil piece of shit. Fuck him and fuck his magical Mormon underwear.