Jews are very angry that Al Jazeera published a video that has since been taken down questioning some of the statistics surrounding their retarded soap and lampshade hoax known as the Holocaust.

While the video itself falsely claimed that the Holocaust was real, it did reveal some uncomfortable truths. Like how the kikes have used this fake hoax to extort money from the Germans.

It’s embarrassing that Al Jazeera voluntarily took down the video and suspended the journalists who did it because of kvetching from the kikes.

Talk about not having journalistic integrity. If they had any, they would be calling out this retarded shower room gas chamber hoax and exposing it for what it is. And that’s an enormous Jewish fraud that’s been orchestrated against all of humanity.

I mean, if the Jewish Holocaust actually happened as the kikes tell us, why can’t I find a high quality lampshade made of Jewish skin? I’ve searched all over the Internet and couldn’t find one. I know they’re in high demand, but the fact that I can’t find one is sort of ridiculous.