Remember when that fat old cunt Angela Merkel said that all the third world migrants she was letting into Germany would pay for the German people’s pensions? Well, the opposite has happened. Instead of these worthless shit-skins learning German and becoming doctors and engineers, the German people have been forced to subsidize them. They spent $25 billion on them in 2018 alone.


Germany spent a record €23 billion ($25.65 billion) last year to integrate more than a million refugees at home and “fight the root causes of migration abroad,” according a government report.

Describing the circumstances as “extraordinary,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel rolled out the welcome mat to over a million migrants in 2015, at the height of the Syrian refugee crisis. Although arrivals have dropped sharply since then, the German government’s spending has not.

The federal government spent €23 billion on integrating those migrants in Germany and keeping more hopeful entrants outside the European Union, according to a Finance Ministry report seen by Reuters. The spending represents an increase of nearly 11 percent since the previous year.

You add that to all the crimes committed by these cultural vibrants and it is fairly clear that these invading migrants have not been a benefit to German society.

The fact that Merkel sold this bullshit to her people is completely insane. It was plain as day how stupid it was to let in all these savages. Pay for pensions my ass. All the money spent trying to integrate these “new Germans” could have been used for the pensions themselves.

Anybody who still supports this deranged bitch is functionally retarded. She has destroyed Germany and she deserves to be raped and killed by these violent nigger creatures hat she willfully let in.