Ilhan Omar recently did a speech where she basically attacked America and called us a bunch of horrible racists. It’s pretty rich for her to call us all a bunch of evil racists even though the United States let her as a Somali come here as a refugee from a third world shithole. And on top of that, she rose to become a member of Congress. If America was such a racist country, she would have never been allowed in to begin with and she would have certainly never been allowed to become a member of Congress.

Her claim that America is bad because a bunch of evil racist White people live here is insane. These supposedly racist White people we keep hearing about simply do not exist. The people portrayed as racists by the Jewish media are people who simply say politically incorrect things or believe that Whites should have their own country. They aren’t people wishing harm on other people because of their race or skin color. It’s all a gigantic hoax.

Tucker Carlson dissected the situation on his show last night. He accurately described how Omar is representative of the broken immigration system we have and how America will be destroyed if it is not fixed. He’s 100 percent correct.

And for logically dissecting the fallacies of Omar’s stance, she smugly called him a racist.

Her response shows that she has no argument. The only thing she can do is claim that people who disagree with her must disagree with her because we hate the color of her skin.

All we are saying is that we as Whites are a group who has collective racial interests. When someone like Omar calls us racist, she is launching a racially charged attack against us. We have every right to defend ourselves and call her out for this insanity.

If she thinks America is such a racist country she should go back to Somalia. But it is funny how people like her never do that. They always insist on being around a bunch of White people who they claim are hateful and evil racists. Funny how that works is it not?