I just wanted to wish everyone reading the site a happy Easter. Regardless of your personal religious beliefs, it is a fact that Jesus Christ is the one individual who the Jews despise more than any other. The Bible describes how he exposed their Jew usury scam and attacked the Jew money changers in their Temple for ripping people off. That’s one of the main reasons why the filthy kikes conspired to have him crucified.

Easter is a day when Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and pagans celebrate the spring season. This time of year is universally recognized as a time of rebirth and fertility and that is reflected in both Christ’s resurrection alongside various pagan traditions.

Since the Jews hate everything about Easter, the resurrection etc.. it makes sense for us to celebrate this holiday in whatever form appeals to you and for us to pass this tradition on to future generations.

But by killing Jesus, the Jews only amplified his teachings and further exposed their evil and treachery. We wouldn’t be talking about him 2,000 years later if this wasn’t the case. And that is why the Jews curse his name and seek to destroy Christianity up until this day.