Gillette’s CEO believes the billions in revenue they lost over their so-called “woke” ad campaigns was worth it.

Washington Examiner:

The CEO of Gillette said he does not regret his company’s controversial marketing campaign inspired by the #MeToo movement, despite losing some loyal customers over it.

Gary Coombe called the loss of revenue from those customers a “price worth paying” in a Monday interview with Marketing Week. Procter & Gamble, the parent company of Gillette, announced Tuesday they had taken over $5 billion in losses for the quarter, after Gillette had an $8 billion noncash writedown after its market share for razors fell over the last three years.

“I don’t enjoy that some people were offended by the film and upset at the brand as a consequence. That’s not nice and goes against every ounce of training I’ve had in this industry over a third of a century,” he said. “But I am absolutely of the view now that for the majority of people to fall more deeply in love with today’s brands you have to risk upsetting a small minority and that’s what we’ve done.”

A small minority? Losing billions of dollars sounds like much more than a small minority of your customer base. That is a significant amount of money that was lost.

In case you don’t remember, Gillette ran an ad campaign lecturing men about their toxic masculinity. It was not received well and it looks like a large number of men have decided to express their displeasure by boycotting Gillette branded products. Many of them including myself will never use their products again.

They doubled down on this “woke” style of ad campaign with ads promoting obesity and trannyism.

But why Gillette’s CEO would say this was worth it is completely nuts. Unless of course he’s more concerned with socially engineering his customer base than selling products and making money.

The good news to is that this huge financial loss may make other companies think twice about pushing these “woke” ad campaigns. But who the hell knows. If the company is run by someone who is more concerned with kiking the goyim than profits, there’s no telling what they might do.