The homosexual Jew Matt Drudge has featured the young groyper commander Nick Fuentes on his website for the past 24 hours. A picture of Fuentes has been featured prominently underneath the main headline about some impeachment bullshit.

I’m not going to spend time going into the details, but Drudge links to two articles one from The Hill and the other from The Washington Post which basically contains a ton of smears and lies about Fuentes and the groyper army. Anglin has covered the various smears in detail over at the Daily Stormer, so I’d encourage you to read his analysis if you want more information. But it’s just the same bullshit attacks we’ve heard against anybody who is against mass third world immigration and is pro-White in any capacity.

The Young America’s Foundation another fake conservative shill group also issued a statement filled with smears that was specifically targeting Fuentes and the gropyer army. I did a whole article about this on the Daily Stormer.

The bottom line is that Fuentes has embarrassed and discredited the fake conservative establishment and what we are seeing is the fake conservative establishment attempting to strike back. They’ve declared an all out war on Fuentes and the groyper army. That’s why they went from ignoring him to specifically mentioning him by name. It’s also why the faggot Jew Drudge is linking to smear articles.

None of this is going to work. It’s only going to further discredit the fake conservative establishment and increase the size of the groyper army. Fuentes is a much more talented speaker and orator than these fake conservative careerist shills and he has the truth on his side. But for now, we can certainly expect them to push all sorts of crazy smears against him in a desperate attempt to hang on to relevancy.