The kikes in the media have been trying to say that the “Yellow Vest” protests are losing steam. If that’s the case, why are there people lighting toll booths on fire?


French “yellow vest” protesters caused transport chaos on Tuesday after occupying highway toll booths and setting some of them on fire.

France’s biggest toll road operator, Vinci Autoroutes , said demonstrations were under way at some 40 sites in its network and that several highway intersections had been heavily damaged, notably in the south of France.

The Bandol toll station, east of Marseille in the south of France, suffered fire damage overnight into Tuesday and the A50 highway was closed, said Vinci, whose network is mainly in the south and west of the country.

I’m not buying this idea that the protests are losing steam. Seems like there’s still a great deal of anger out there. The concessions offered by Emmanuel Macron’s treasonous government weren’t very substantive.

We also have the British Bullshit Corporation and other Jewish media outlets continuing to claim that this is part of a Russian conspiracy. So basically they’re trying to claim that a movement which is supported by 75 percent of the French people is all due to Russian involvement.

The French government is trying to bribe police with a 300 euro bonus so they don’t stop protecting Macron and other traitors.

This idea that this movement is dying seems a bit premature. They appear to be pushing this narrative to try and destroy the morale of the movement itself.