POTUS put out some truly excellent tweets this morning. He touched on many significant issues. It’s just a shame that his tweets don’t translate into substantive policy. If they did, we’d be well on our way to stuffing the entire Jewish race into fake shower room gas chambers.

Here’s his tweets along with some of my thoughts.

Undoubtedly those text messages would have fully explained any missing gaps in this Russia hoax crap. It’s suspicious as all hell that 19,000 text messages would have simply been erased. Do they not have data retention policies in the FBI’s Information Technology department?

At this point, he should seriously consider making some very aggressive moves against these hoax conspirators. Let the Jewish media and the Democrats cry and investigate all they want.

Flynn’s sentencing was delayed today. In spite of that, it has become more and more clear that Flynn was setup in a perjury trap by James Comey and the assorted high level FBI assholes he worked with.

The Fed has aggressively raised interest rates to sabotage the economic gains he has made with the tax cut legislation, tariffs and deregulation. I wrote a story for the Daily Stormer that goes into this in greater detail.  Trump should openly discuss abolishing the Fed. That would freak the kikes out. The entire institution is nothing but a Jewish scam. Outside of immigration it is one of the most important issues that needs to be addressed.

Facebook, Twitter and Google are systematically banning anybody who supports Trump. He needs to take executive action to deal with these evil companies. No more talk, there needs to be real substantive moves against these entities. It’s hard to say how he’ll be able to win in 2020 if all of his supporters are continually censored and banned from the digital public square.

Good question Mr. President. I would say that this has to do with Jews subverting our country and pushing to flood us with endless hordes of third world filth.

The entire Bob Mueller witch hunt needs to be shut down. The fact that the Jew Michael Isikoff is even raising doubts about the #pissgate dossier shows that this entire narrative has been a total and complete hoax.

It’s possible Trump is waiting to get his new permanent Attorney General William Barr in place in the hopes that Barr will make whatever moves are necessary but even that is not guaranteed. Look at how Jeff Sessions turned out. He was a disaster so I’m not overly optimistic in Barr but it is hard to see how he could be worse than Sessions.

Great tweets from POTUS but I’d prefer less tweeting and more substantive action. Where’s the wall? And what happened to executive action on birthright citizenship?