We’ve already established that there is no such thing as justice or the rule of law in the United States of America. The government will put you in prison for the rest of your life if you have political views that are disliked by Jews.

Fox News:

A jury recommended life plus 419 years on Tuesday for a man convicted of killing a woman and injuring dozens when he drove his car into counterprotesters at a white nationalist rally in Virginia.

James Alex Fields Jr. stood stoically with his hands folded in front of him as a court clerk read the verdict, which now must be taken under advisement by the judge, who will issue the final sentence. Judge Richard Moore scheduled a sentencing hearing for March 29.

The jury reached its verdict after deliberating for about four hours over two days. Judges in Virginia often impose the sentence recommended by juries. Under state law, they can impose lower sentences than what the jury recommends, but cannot increase them.

Before issuing its recommendation, the jury asked Moore if the sentences would run consecutively or concurrently. He replied that sentences usually run consecutively, but that jurors could recommend concurrent sentences if they choose.

It just wasn’t enough to recommend a life sentence for Fields. They had to recommend a life sentence plus 419 extra years on top of it.

And for what? Because he got into a car accident after being threatened and attacked by terrorists roaming the streets?

There are niggers who have committed rape, murder and other unspeakable crimes that haven’t received a fraction of this type of recommended sentence.

This is total bullshit. The people recommending this sentence deserve to spend the rest of eternity in hell.