President Blormf has said that the FBI and the DOJ will be reviewing the Jussie Smollett case in his morning Twitter rampage today. This is good news.

Even though Blormf has been objectively terrible over the past three months, his presidency has achieved tangible things in the broader culture war. His presidency has also eroded all trust people had in the Jewish corporate media complex. So it is possible he could give us another win in the culture war with this Smollett business.

The Smollett case is absolutely a significant cultural issue and it is good to see him press the issue on this. Here you had a gay Jew nigger hoax an attack against himself to blame on two fictional White Blormf supporters wearing MAGA hats. It has destroyed this false Jewish narrative that there are all these racist White supremacists who randomly attack blacks. The fact that Smollett had to hoax the whole thing proves that fact.

And the fact that Smollett was let off by a corrupt Negress prosecutor has debunked the lie of White privilege. The entire case has been an overall positive in the culture war because it is going to raise all sorts of doubts about reported hate crimes etc..

There’s still the outstanding issue of the letter with powder that Smollett appears to have sent himself. And because it was a crime conducted using the Postal Service, it is under the jurisdiction of the feds.

But hopefully they can also review the corruption that led to Smollett being let off for orchestrating this retarded hoax. There’s almost nobody defending this, so there’s a good chance we could see something happen.