Yesterday Donald Trump spoke at the March for Life rally becoming the first sitting US president to speak at the event.

It’s a great symbolic gesture, but what would be better is if he took substantive action towards overturning Roe v. Wade and restricting the barbaric practice of killing babies in America. When you look at this issue objectively, Trump has done very little on this front.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that he’s going to do something to target California’s abortion policies, but this is like a bare minimum effort so he could tell the rally attendees that he was at least doing something to help the pro-life cause.

Abortion is obviously a big problem in America that needs to be dealt with. Criminalizing abortion would certainly go a long way to curb the issue we have with young women slutting around everywhere. If they were unable to kill their offspring legally, they’d certainly think twice before letting hundreds of men access their goo holes. And of course, legalized abortion has not been good for the overall birthrate of White people.