Donald Blarmf called into Fox and Friends this morning and said that the comically fake video clip released by the government is definite proof Iran blew up a couple of oil tankers.

There is virtually nobody on the Internet except for a few random shills that are saying this video footage is real. And even if you believe that it is real, the video alone is definitely not enough to justify a full fledged invasion of Iran.

This whole thing is so goofy and ridiculous it is hard to fathom. It’s even more ridiculous than the Syrian gas hoaxes which were totally retarded. But Blarmf used those hoaxes to justify missile strikes against the Syrian government.

What a fucking disaster all this is. If there’s any good news it is that nobody believes this hoax. We might even see the Japanese do their own investigation into it since one of their vessels was impacted.

If Blarmf had any sense he’d fire Mike Pompeo, John Bolton and his kike son-in-law as it is clear that these three are the main architects of this dumb narrative.