Former FBI Deputy Director and disgraced traitor to America Andy McCabe is continuing his press tour to promote his goofy book. He was on CNN the other day saying that “it’s possible Donald Trump is a Russian asset.”

This comment comes after McCabe detailed how he and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein conspired to get Trump removed from office via the 25th Amendment. Rosenstein apparently offered to wear a wire in order to assist in this effort.

Talk about deranged. McCabe was one of the main figures involved in using manufactured evidence paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign to get permission from the FISA Court to spy on Trump’s presidential campaign. That’s what #pissgate was all about. If they legitimately believed Trump was a Russian asset, why would they need to use manufactured evidence? Why couldn’t they simply use the information that caused them to believe this? It shows that they themselves can’t possibly believe their own bullshit since they used fake evidence to push their agenda.

But for McCabe to go around saying this type of nonsense is insane on so many levels. Simply because there are many things that are possible. For instance, it is possible that Queen Elizabeth is a lizard but there is no definitive proof that she is a lizard.

The point being is that you can’t launch investigations and spying operations based on things that might be possible. It has to be based on solid evidence. Trump firing FBI Director James Comey using his Constitutional authority, is not evidence of a Russian conspiracy. McCabe actually seemed to suggest that Comey’s firing gave him reason to believe that this conspiracy existed.

But look, lots of people were calling for Comey’s firing from across the political spectrum. So are all those people potential Russian agents as well?

This fool McCabe should be in prison. He was involved in a conspiracy to hoax a conspiracy to remove the democratically elected leader of America. Why is he allowed to promote this retarded book? He needs to be arrested for his role in this seditious conspiracy.