Jews were able to successfully lobby the Australian government to ban David Icke from entering the country. They got his visa revoked right before he was set to do a speaking tour.

Jerusalem Post:

British conspiracy writer and Holocaust denier David Icke was banned from entering Australia ahead of his March speaking tour, Australia Broadcasting Corporation [ABC] reported on Wednesday.

Icke was meant to speak in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart and Sydney, yet his visa was cancelled on character grounds.

Chairman of the Anti-Defamation Commission Dvir Abramovich praised the Government for “declaring in a loud voice that antisemites and Holocaust deniers will never find a home in Australia.”

Icke released a letter on Twitter saying he is “a victim of a smear campaign by politicians” and stated that he is “not antisemitic, not a Holocaust denier” and that he does not “wish to have Holocaust denial be taught in schools.”

“I was not even going to mention the Jewish community,” he said.

Icke is probably best known for his belief that there are reptilian lizards secretly controlling the world. But he specifically avoids talking about Jewish power and I’ve never heard him deny the Jewish Holocaust. So it is interesting to see how the Jews said that he was an anti-Semitic Holocaust denier to get his visa revoked.

As of late, the Jews have been whining about how terms like “globalist” and “Soros” are code for Jews. It would seem as if they also perceive “lizards” and “reptiles” to be a code for Jews as well.

Icke has been doing this for a very long time and back in the early 2000s he was harassed by Jews who said that his lizard talk was just code for Jews. A full documentary was made about it.

But why are the Jews so angry about Icke’s lizard talk? Maybe Icke is on to something and these Jews really are some type of extra dimensional reptilians. Or maybe they’re just trying to shut down any people like Icke promoting alternative views of the world. It’s hard to say, but they’re definitely pulling out all the stops to shut him down.

It would really be something if these Jews did turn out to be lizards though. The chances of this being the reality things is not zero that’s for sure.