Remember the disabled veteran named Brian Kolfage who launched the GoFundMe campaign to privately fund the border wall? Well, he along with some other folks including Kris Kobach were able to raise enough money to successfully build a half mile border wall on private property.


A new, half-mile long section of border wall sits at the corner where New Mexico, Texas and Mexico meet. This is the first crowdfunded border barrier, built with private donations on private land. The team behind it recently put on a show for reporters, saying this is just the beginning.

A cement mixer poured concrete onto the ground near the newly-built barrier. Construction workers in bright green and orange T-shirts stood at the ready with shovels, to smooth the new concrete into a road for border patrol vehicles.

“This is a project that was started by the American people who all believed in border security and who believe there is a crisis down here,” said Brian Kolfage. The Air Force veteran started a GoFundMe campaign last December and raised more than $20 million for Trump’s proposed border wall.

The original idea was to send that money directly to the federal government. But once Kolfage found out the money wouldn’t necessarily go to the wall, he decided to do it himself. He founded the nonprofit We Build The Wall and hired a construction company, Fisher Industries, to start building on private land.

“1,500 people from the Fisher Industries team stood up and was so proud and honored for We Build The Wall to give us a shot to do this,” said president Tommy Fisher. He’s pitching his company as the best contractor for other sections of the wall, on private or government land.

“We have the ability to build in the multi-billions and build miles and miles and miles,” he said.

Fisher isn’t the only one who sees this as just the beginning. Kris Kobach is former Secretary of State of Kansas and now legal counsel for We Build the Wall. He says the group’s already identified ten other potential sites.

They held a press conference about the project a few days ago.

The Jewish media has been trying to paint this as a negative thing and there are bullshit reports coming out about how Kolfage committed fraud. But there is no fraud here. A wall was built with the funds donated.

The spic libshit mayor of the town where the wall was being built tried to stop the wall’s construction but ultimately failed.

It might not be a big section of wall, but it serves as a model to potentially crowdfund the construction of additional sections of wall on other private property along the border. I’m glad to see this happen and hope this continues.

It’s just a shame Donald Trump isn’t doing more to fix the invasion problem. The fact that this effort has seemingly been more successful at constructing a wall than the federal government has is an insane thing.

If I were POTUS, I would have militarized the border fully giving them shoot to kill orders. I would have also shut down all cross border traffic until there was confidence we had the entire border secured with a wall and whatever assets are required. There are lots of other things that could be done to reduce the incentive for people to invade into the country. But he hasn’t done any of this because of economics and human rights or whatever.