This alleged coronavirus stimulus bill being pushed by the Democrats has always been a joke. The vast majority of what’s in the bill is not even coronavirus relief. It’s just an excuse to give out money to special interests.

Republicans are forcing a full reading of the bill which will apparently take 10 hours because of how long it is.

A stimulus bill does not need to be hundreds upon hundreds of pages long. It could be on a single page outlining a dollar amount that is divided equally among Americans. The only reason it is this long is because they’re funneling trillions of dollars into areas that don’t directly benefit the American people.

On top of that, the Democrats are reducing the number of people who can get benefits from the bill.

The whole thing is a farce but not a surprise. The American government has been fully subverted and corrupted by Jewish interests who hate this country. So why wouldn’t they loot the country for all its worth?