Fake conservative incorporated’s main method of attack against Nick Fuentes and the groyper army has been to label Fuentes as a racist and an anti-Semitic denier of the Holocaust. All because he read a joke involving six million cookies and the cookie monster. The joke is fundamentally no different than the joke comedian Norm McDonald made on a Netflix special and there was no outrage condemning McDonald when he made this joke.

But despite that, all the fake conservative shills are parroting the same talking point.

Sebastian Gorka actually called Fuentes evil and demanded he have his verified status revoked by @jack!

The porn slut Mindy Robinson demanded the same thing.

And then of course you have the endless parade of shills like David French whining about the cookie monster joke.

They are simply doing this as part of an effort to discredit Fuentes and distract people from all the important points he is making about mass immigration, homosexual marriage and America’s endless support for Israel. They can’t win the debate on ideas, so they are relying on smears.

Fuentes is not even a denier of the Holocaust. He was on a local Boston talk radio show yesterday and said that he fully believed that six million Jews were gassed in fake shower rooms.

And look, we all know that it would simply not be possible for the cookie monster to bake six million cookies in the same time that it took Adolf Hitler and the Nazis to put six million Jews into ovens. These are two completely different things. We all know that it is far easier to gas six million kikes in fake shower rooms and burn their bodies in ovens than it is to bake six million cookies. This is basic common sense! lol

Whatever the case, what Fuentes believes about the Holocaust is irrelevant to the bigger issues he is bringing up. If these fake conservative shills won’t engage in an honest debate with Fuentes on these issues, they should shut the fuck up and embrace the rise of cookie monster nationalism.

Framing Fuentes as a Holocaust denier over a cookie monster joke is proving to be a failing strategy.