This is quite shocking. CNN’s Chris Cuomo during an interview with Nancy Pelosi actually asked her some good questions. He seemed to actually be engaging in legitimate journalism which is an extreme rarity on CNN.

He asked Pelosi why it would be an issue to release the House Intelligence Committee’s memo on FISA abuse and she responded with gibberish about national security. Cuomo actually asked several good questions something of which Pelosi is not used to dealing with.

But if Democrats like Pelosi were really concerned about national security they would have demanded Hillary Clinton be held accountable for her illegal email server. That was an obvious threat to national security. This talk about national security is just a convenient excuse to justify their position that the memo should be blocked. They know the memo is politically damaging which is why they’re fighting against its release.

This woman is clearly senile. Nothing she said during the interview made any sense. She got so flustered that she even accused Cuomo of not knowing what he was talking about. It looked as if even Cuomo began to realize how insane and bat shit crazy this bitch is during the course of the interview.

The fact that this bitch has any sort of political power in our country is insane. She’s a babbling idiot.