A classic Charlie Brown Thanksgiving cartoon from the 1970s that aired for the holiday is being accused of racism. All because of a scene that shows Charlie’s black friend Franklin sitting on one side of the table by himself in a lawn chair.

Daily Mail:

Millennials watching Peanut’s A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving for the first time have branded the holiday favorite as racist.

The classic animated special was broadcast on the national holiday, but many claimed that they were left feeling uneasy about how one of the characters was treated.

The episode, which airs annually on ABC, features a holiday meal shared between the characters, after Peppermint Patty invites herself and others to Charlie Brown and Sally’s house.

Although they are planning on heading to their grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving dinner, Linus convinces Charlie they have time for two feasts.

But viewers suggested that the fact Franklin, the only black character in the show, is sat by himself on one side of the table by himself is discriminatory.

Another point made by fans was that Franklin had been given a different chair to his friends, as he was sat on a lawn chair rather than a dining chair.

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