Mike Cernovich is shilling this idea that anybody who suggests that the Jew Jeff Epstein was connected to the Israeli Mossad is “anti-Semitic.”

When someone starts using the term “anti-Semitic” it is usually because they can’t debunk the facts of what is being presented.

Epstein’s main pimp was a Jewess named Ghislaine Maxwell and her father was confirmed Mossad.

We know that Epstein and Maxwell were trafficking young girls to have sex with people in order to obtain blackmail material on them. They even had a sex island wired with all sorts of cameras to generate this blackmail material. Everything about this sounds like something the Mossad would do.

Epstein also had connections to high level individuals in the Israeli political system like Ehud Barak a fact of which has been big political news in Israel.

And to top things off, nobody knows exactly how Epstein made his fortune which indicates he was involved in all sorts of shady dealings.

There’s more evidence proving that Epstein was Mossad than wasn’t Mossad so Cernovich is just being a retarded shill.

I’ve always thought Cernovich was a kike any way. Even if he isn’t, he certainly acts/looks like one.