Blurmf was on Twitter again claiming that Homeland Security is going to stop being nice on the border.

Once again we see how Blurmf’s entire border strategy is based around posting tough tweets on the Internet while not doing anything substantive. He wants his base to think he’s doing something about the problem while the problem continues to get increasingly worse.

He’s already threatened to shut down the border several times and that was never done. Border Patrol is just catching and releasing third world animals on to our streets. The whole thing is a debacle.

He could have at least ordered the military to setup some sort of detainment facility and work with Border Patrol so that there would be no more catch and release happening. It just shows a total lack of leadership at Homeland Security and Blurmf himself.

And who the hell knows what he means by Homeland Security not being nice any more. My definition of this would be them shooting illegal alien invaders dead. That would certainly discourage more of them from coming. But I highly doubt that’s what he means by not being nice.

So at this point, it is hard to take any of these tweets seriously. He seems more preoccupied with doing what’s best for Israel and gloating about the Russia hoax.