The fiasco known as Brexit continues. Last night, all four Brexit alternatives were voted down.


MPs in the UK have voted against all four Brexit alternatives.

No alternative Brexit option received the support of a majority of MPs in indicative votes.

Britain’s Brexit Minister Stephen Barclay said the House has once again failed to find a majority for any option.

Mr Barclay told the House of Commons that the default legal position is that the UK will leave the EU in 11 days’ time and that to secure an extension Britain must provide a “credible” plan.

If I had to guess, some weird bullshit will happen right before the UK leaves the EU in a “no-deal” Brexit. But a “no-deal Brexit” is really what the British people voted for. They did not vote for a conditional Brexit.

The one meaningful thing this Brexit debacle has showed, it is that democracy is a hoax. It’s a system of government pushed by Jews to ensure that they can control the political system with their money and media influence. That’s why they try to export this ridiculous system everywhere around the globe.