Telstra which is Australia’s largest Internet Service Provider just announced that they have rolled out a mass censorship program to prevent the spread of the Christchurch mosque shooting video.

It’s unknown exactly what sites they are blocking but they appear to at least include Kiwi Farms, 4chan, 8chan and the Daily Stormer. That list is just going off of weev’s post on the Daily Stormer. Presumably there are many other sites that have been blocked.

Also be sure to download the Tor Browser and use this address to access the Daily Stormer.


Accessing it through the regular web is becoming increasingly difficult due to the unprecedented levels of censorship we are seeing.

Telstra is claiming that this is only going to be a temporary block, but to say that I’m skeptical would be an understatement. There’s a very good chance that these sites will be permanently blocked.

And based on what the Australian press is reporting, it looks like Australia’s other big ISPs like Vodafone and Optus have followed with similar measures.

It seems incredibly foolish to enact this level of censorship. If people have no place to engage in real dialogue, it only increases the possibility of real world violence.

The fact of the matter is that the Christchurch mosque shooting video is legitimate news worthy content. It’s no different than footage showing the 9/11 attacks, ISIS executions and the horrors of war. The video should be available for public viewing and there should be an open discussion about what happened. But instead of that, we see the established Jewish power structure demand the video be banned and any real discussion of it be blocked.

The only thing I can say is that things are escalating fast. I fully expect to see an increasing amount of censorship moving forward.