Australian Senator Fraser Anning has publicly blamed Moslems for the Christchurch shooting. Check out these tweets he posted after the shooting took place.

He’s not wrong. Brenton Tarrant’s shooting rampage was the result of unchecked third world migration into European countries. It’s also the result of Moslems in our countries killing our people. If we didn’t have Moslems in our countries, Tarrant would have had no reason to do what he did. Tarrant specifically cited Moslem terrorist acts against our people as his primary motivation in his manifesto.

Political solutions have been made impossible. White people are unable to publicly express their views on these subjects without being persecuted in some fashion. And when you make peaceful solutions impossible, violence is the ultimate result.

It’s also worth noting that some idiot brainwashed teenager attacked Anning with an egg as he spoke to the press prompting Anning to retaliate with a stiff left jab to his face.

It seems safe to assume that the teenager did this because of Anning’s comments about Moslems which makes him a fool. Anning is only speaking sense. Moslems and Islam are incompatible with Western civilization and need to be removed. Anybody who says otherwise is denying reality.