Arnold Schwarzenegger was in South Africa for an event and he was drop-kicked in the back by an angry Wakandan. Arnold relaxed around blacks and this is something you should never do.

The entire incident was caught on video.

Sandton Chronicle:

A video has surfaced of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is currently in Sandton for the Arnold Classic Africa, being kicked in the back at the Sandton Convention Centre.

The video, which is circulating on social media, shows how Schwarzenegger was watching a rope-skipping competition when he was approached to take a video of the children skipping. Schwarzenegger obliges and is filmed as he gets up from his seat and then takes a video of the children while speaking into the phone camera. A man can be seen lurking behind him and it seems that he is pulled away by what appears to be Schwarzenegger’s security team.

Just as Schwarzenegger hands over the phone on which he was taking his video, the man returns again, runs up, jumps up and kicks Schwarzenegger in the back.

There’s no point in even trying to rationalize why this Wakandan did what he did. It’s just typical behavior you’d expect from a nigger.

Comments for the video are woke.

Here’s a small handful of them.

The reason why South Africa is such a mess is because Jewish Communists engineered a revolution in the 1990s that put the Communist nigger terrorist Nelson Mandela in charge of the country. It’s been downhill ever since. Seeing a 70-something year old man like Schwarzenegger get attacked like this in South Africa is just par for the course in the cesspool of niggerdom that is South Africa.

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