Donald Trump unveiled an immigration plan that the Jew Jared Kushner was heavily involved in drafting. While it sounds like it would be a modest improvement to the status-quo if implemented, the fact that Kushner was involved in drafting it, makes me immediately question everything about it.

The basic gist of the plan is that it would transform the immigration system from being family-based to merit-based. But it still means massive amounts of legal immigration which is insane. We need to put an end to all immigration. Legal immigration is in many ways much more of a problem than illegal immigration. Trump is justifying continuing all of this legal immigration because of economic reasons. As if the health of the economy should be the only deciding factor on if we let people into the country or not. We’ve let in all sorts of third world hordes that have completely transformed the country into an increasingly shittier place. We don’t need any more immigration be it legal or not.

Ann Coulter was on Twitter bashing the proposal today and she makes some valid points.

It seems reasonable to assume that this proposal is going nowhere. The Democrats aren’t going to give Trump anything so this is just an attempt to placate his supporters who read sites like Breitbart.

Meanwhile, the border is not secure and our country is being flooded by the entire population of Central America. It’s a shame that our $700 billion a year military can only be used to fight wars for Israel. It would be quite handy if we could actually use it to stop this invasion.