Someone bought billboard advertising promoting a political candidate named Maxime Bernier who does not want Canada invaded with unlimited numbers of non-White savages. But because of “outrage” from unknown persons, the billboards are being taken down.


Anti-immigrant ads on billboards across Canada are being taken down after a public outcry and multiple petitions against them, the company that owns the billboards said.

The ads were launched in support of Maxime Bernier, leader of the small right-wing anti-immigration People’s Party of Canada, and called for a halt on mass immigration to Canada. They started appearing in several Canadian cities last week and were bought by True North Strong and Free Advertising Corp (TNSFAC).

Bernier, 56, has focused on limiting immigration and protecting so-called Canadian values in contrast with more moderate Conservatives, prompting some pundits to refer to him as Canada’s Donald Trump.

Canada will have a federal election on Oct. 21 and immigration has broad support, some polls show. A Pew Research Center report published Aug. 9 found that Canadians have among the highest support in the world for immigration.

Although the People’s Party of Canada was not responsible for the ad, Bernier was upset that it was taken down.

“The message on the billboard is not ‘controversial’ for two thirds of Canadians who agree with it, and for those who disagree but support free speech and an open discussion,” Bernier said on Twitter on Monday.

Our lands are being overrun by non-White savages thanks to the Jewish promotion of third world immigration into our lands.

This has to stop. The people getting in our way of trying to solve this problem need to fuck the hell off. I’m sick of this shit.