Fresh after the Jewess Julie Swetnick and the creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti were referred to the Department of Justice for making up lies about Brett Kavanaugh, there’s more activity. One of the lesser known women who accused Kavanaugh of raping her has fully admitted that her claims were bullshit. She was just some old leftist activist who wanted attention. The Senate Judiciary Committee has just referred her for criminal prosecution.

Yeah, but women must be believed no matter what? Talk about an insane standard. That’s why moving forward I will totally believe the women of my political enemies regardless of facts or evidence. That’s the game these people have chosen to play.

But this criminal referral doesn’t go nearly far enough. That Jewess Senator Dianne Feinstein and her office should be investigated for all sorts of ethics violations. There was all sorts of chicanery involved with the leaking of that letter from Christine Blasey Ford that kicked off the smear campaign against Kavanaugh.

The bottom line is that all these sex assault and rape accusations against Kavanaugh were lies. They were all manufactured for political purposes. This is just more proof of it.