The Jew Jeffrey Toobin from CNN was debating Kansas Republican Gubernatorial candidate Kris Kobach on television the other day. The topic of voter ID laws came up. Toobin claimed that voter ID laws are racist and that Kobach was racist for supporting them.

It’s actually the opposite. This kike Toobin is basically saying that blacks are too stupid and lazy to get a government issued ID card. And if they are so incapable that they can’t do this very basic thing, why should they be allowed to vote? Someone of such low agency shouldn’t be allowed to determine the direction of the country. It’s an insane concept.

Kobach would later go on Fox News and talk to Tucker Carlson about the subject. Carlson brought up the fact that you have to show a photo ID to do other things like board an airplane. And of course kikes like Toobin aren’t calling for this practice to end over racism.

Voter fraud is a big problem and making it mandatory for voters to provide an ID would help prevent this. Most states don’t have mandatory voter ID laws and the Democrat Party exploits this for political gain. That’s why Toobin and other Jews are against voter ID laws. This is something that absolutely needs to change.