All sorts of individuals in the Alt-Lite are reporting that Brittany Pettibone and her Generation Identitare boyfriend Martin Sellner were banned from the UK. While I’m not a fan of Pettibone’s YouTube activities, this incident highlights how backwards the UK has become.

Apparently, they were visiting the UK to interview Tommy Robinson fresh off of his nigger punching escapades in Italy. This is allegedly why they were denied entry.

The UK is a joke. There are all sorts of violent third worlders who they won’t deport because of racism but they ban Pettibone and Sellner from entering the country for their political views. It’s not like their political views are that hardcore either. They just don’t want Europe flooded with third world populations. This is hardly a controversial position.

Of course the UK is also a place that has fought to ban the President of the United States from visiting. They also sent the leadership of Britain First to prison for saying mean words about Moslems.

Since there is a rising backlash against all of this cultural enrichment, we are seeing increasingly more authoritarian methods being used to stifle descent. This banning of Pettibone and Sellner is just another step towards the UK branding anyone who disagrees with the government as a thought criminal. It is hard to see this as a sustainable situation moving forward.

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