The latest drama in the world of Alt-Lite cam whores involves Lauren Southern’s previous whoring adventure with some ugly nigger looking creature. We are not surprised by this development.

weev has posted a fantastic article over at the Daily Stormer exposing all of this Alt-Lite cam whore nonsense that’s going on. I would encourage everyone to read it and spread it to the far reaches of the tubes.

Long story short, these skanks have sexually exploited men with right wing political leanings for financial gain and have been indirectly draining our movement of financial resources. This has been going on for far too long and it is time to shame these whores into oblivion.

The latest Alt-Lite slut drama involves top Alt-Lite cam whore Lauren Southern getting exposed for coal burning. Rather or not her ex-boyfriend was a Moslem is of little consequence. The point is that she was sleeping with some type of weird looking nigger creature.

Southern justified her whoring by stating that he was a based nigger who voted for Donald Trump. She was roundly criticized not just for her whoring but for her strange response which she eventually deleted off her Twitter feed.

As this drama unfolded, the female Alt-Right social media personality Tara McCarthy demanded an end to trolling and harassment of Alt-Right women. This demand seems to have stemmed from this current nigger whoring debacle with Southern. McCarthy even issued an ultimatum stating that if the harassment didn’t stop, there would no longer be any women speaking out in support of ethno-nationalism.

After weev’s article was posted specifically criticizing her for making such demands, she promptly locked her Twitter account. An archive is available here.

But is what McCarthy describing really harassment? Seems to me that she is only receiving objective criticism of female behavior. Or is she afraid of something else?

In the #MeToo era, criticism of female behavior seems to have been lumped in with harassment even among women who claim to be within the sphere of the Alt-Right. This is becoming increasingly ridiculous.

Let’s face some facts. The vast majority of women who have attached themselves to the Alt-Lite or the Alt-Right have produced little to further the cause. Barring a few notable exceptions, these women do not offer substantive political commentary.

It does not take talent to put on a shit ton of make up and act cute in front of a camera  repeating civic nationalist talking points. It does not take talent to repeat these same talking points on social media. There is nothing notable or exceptional about any of these women.

Few of these women talk about the Jewish problem. They fear that if they talk about Jews it will limit their ability to financially exploit men. Generally speaking, most people who have spoken out against the Jews have been banned from every major social media site and payment processing platform. Getting banned from these services makes it difficult for them to exploit men so they avoid the issue entirely.

Southern is like a 5 or a 6 tops with all that make up shit spread on her face. Take off the make up and you can subtract a few points from an already mediocre score.

Southern herself was at one time raking in many thousands of dollars in donations a month for producing a couple of short YouTube videos a week. It appears as if this money has gone to fund her lifestyle which is centered around travel and parties. For a woman in her early 20s, she looks terrible. Guess all that partying has taken its toll.

Quite honestly though, I’m just sick of all this drama surrounding these skanks. They are liabilities and need to be called out as such. Hopefully this will finally free us to focus in on the much more important matters of the day. Namely dealing with these kikes that are destroying Western civilization.