Alex Jones did a recent interview where he defended Zionism, Jared Kushner and Benjamin Netanyahu. He also deflected the idea that we have a problem with Jews in America. He said so many insane things during the interview that it’s easier for you just to watch it for yourself.

The Know More News YouTube channel cut out some of the most important parts of the interview.

Jones is a big fat fraud. He thought that by deflecting away from the problems we have with Jews, Israel and Zionism that he’d be able to keep his media operation and stay on the big social media sites. That did not happen. The Jew-run media crucified him and lobbied to have him banned because of things he said about Sandy Hook back in 2012. He’s been kicked off all the major social media platforms for several months now.

The fact that he continues to claim that there is not a problem with Jews, Zionism and that there’s no problem with the kike Kushner in the White House is completely insane. Talk about a dedicated shill.

You would think that after everything that’s happened he would be honest about the Jewish problem. But he’s unwilling to do this because he married a Jew who he had Jewish children with. He has since divorced her after she took him to the cleaners stemming from the fucked up marriage laws we have in America.

If I had to guess, he’s having some significant problems with his media organization. Paul Joseph Watson who he worked with for the past 20 years or so recently quit and he’s facing legal problems over the Sandy Hook business. And his shilling for Jews and Israel is causing him to lose audience.

The guy who runs the Know More News YouTube channel was actually a fan of Jones up until he found out that he was lying about Jews, Zionism and Israel. He now has almost 100,000 YouTube subscribers. I don’t know a ton about him, but it is a bit surprising that he hasn’t been banned off the site yet considering some of the things he talks about.