The ban hammer continues to be dropped on Alex Jones. Even though Apple already banned all of his podcasts, the Infowars App was still available on their App Store. Apple decided to fix that and just had that banned as well.

The Verge:

Only a day after Alex Jones was permanently banned from Twitter, the Infowars app — the final straw for Jones’ platform — has been permanently kicked off the App Store, also permanently.

Apple confirmed the removal with Buzzfeed by citing the App Store guidelines, which forbids “content that is offensive, insensitive, upsetting, intended to disgust, or in exceptionally poor taste.” Searching for the app within the App Store right now only brings up other apps unrelated to Infowars.

So as of now, Jones has pretty much been banned from all major social media platforms. He was of course banned from Twitter and Periscope earlier in the week. The only thing they haven’t tried to do yet is steal his domain which was done to the Daily Stormer roughly 20 times.

Jones has promised to make more appearances in Washington DC following his successful confrontations of Marco Rubio and a fag CNN reporter that called for him to be banned from the Internet. He should absolutely do this. In fact, he should consider airing from Washington DC as often as possible until this situation with Internet censorship is resolved. The more of a ruckus he can cause the better.

Even though he is pretending to be the “vanguard” of Internet speech censorship, I fully support anything he does to shine light on this important issue.