8chan is still offline so the only way you can access the site is on the darkweb. Apparently Bitmitigate/Epik is unable to host them without their entire service being forced down so they are unable to service 8chan at the moment. It’s unfortunate, but I can understand the position they’re in. The outrage mobs are still active.

This just goes to show you the state of free speech on the Internet. It is non-existent. There is no reason why a website should be taken offline because a single user wrote a post explaining why he decided to shoot a bunch of people. If anything such a manifesto should be widely shared so people can better understand the person’s grievances. Instead, we get the opposite with everybody trying to suppress and stifle the content.

But it is interesting that when Brenton Tarrant livestreamed himself engaging in a self-defense initiative inside a mosque on Facebook, that we didn’t see any attempt to force Facebook offline. So the outrage hordes are selective with who they target.

One final note. The 8chan site is allegedly available via a service called Zeronet but it is not endorsed by the people who run 8chan. I would avoid using it. There’s no telling what that’s all about. Could be some type of weird honeypot for all we know. Safer to just use to access their site via Tor that’s officially sanctioned by 8chan if you feel compelled to visit it.