Blacks are fundamentally stupid creatures.

This story pretty much proves that fact.


60 people have been killed and 65 injured after a fuel tanker exploded in Tanzania, according to police. The blast came after a group of people tried to siphon fuel from the vehicle.

The accident occurred 200 km (124 miles) west of Tanzania’s capital Dar es Salaam.

Police officials said the explosion killed 60 people and has left 65 more injured.

Local media reported that the explosion occurred after a group of people tried to siphon fuel from a vehicle which had overturned.

Photos said to have been taken at the scene of the accident show charred bodies scattered among wrecked motorcycles and automobile parts.

Blacks just want the gibs even if it means risking their own lives to get the gibs. Their low IQs make it difficult for them to do a proper cost-benefit analysis which results in them risking death to obtain a few gallons of fuel.

Talk about a hard lesson learned!